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The UDLAP Choir Goes to Havana

From June 26-30 the UDLAP Chamber Choir will represent Mexico and UDLAP in the “CORHABANA 2018” festival in Cuba, joining choirs from different countries.

The Chamber Choir of Universidad de las Américas Puebla, directed by Gisela Crespo, has been recognized again for its artistic performance and staying power in the world of music.  This is the reason why they have been invited this year to represent Mexico in the XIII International Choir Festival CORHABANA, to be held from June 26-30.

During the event to present in the university’s facilities the UDLAP Chamber Choir, and wish them well before their departure, the UDLAP community was represented by María del Carmen Palafox Ramos, Vice President of Student Affairs; Gisela Crespo Brito, Chamber Choir Director; Dr. Brian Robert Banks, faculty member; and Sergio Arturo Castro Medina, Director of Cultural Diffusion.  Mr. Castro Medina gave an encouraging message to all those who will participate in this festival. “Your participation in this festival is a source of great pride for us, a dream that we had during several years.  We were invited because of your quality, professionalism, and especially your human quality which is what we can feel proud to say is each one of you”, he mentioned.

For his part, César Rojas Carreón, Licenciatura in Architecture student and member of the UDLAP Chamber Choir, thanked all those present for the great support they have received, from the president, Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista, the Department of Cultural Diffusion, the Licenciatura in Music, and Gisela Crespo, “since if it were not for her we would not have this quality”, he stated.

Finally, the student added: “The choir is characterized for its professional level of work, which is very high indeed.  We are committed to the university and there is nothing else to say but that we will represent UDLAP, Puebla and of course, Mexico very highly”.

The majestic festival is organized by the National Center of Chamber Music of the Cuban Music Institute, under the guidance of Digna Guerra Ramírez (National Music Award 2006, in Cuba), who is an internationally renowned chorus director.  Some choruses that will be participating with the UDLAP Chamber Choir are the Cuban National Choir, the Entrevoces Chamber Choir, and the Exaudi Chamber Choir, to mention a few.

Once more, the UDLAP Chamber Choir will represent Mexico and Universidad de las Américas Puebla before the choirs of different countries, with a repertoire that includes works such as Mística by UDLAP professor Brian Banks; works from the New Spain period, such as A la xácara by J. G. de Padilla, Hermoso amor que forxas by J. García de Céspedes, Le chant des oiseaux by C. Janequin; and popular Mexican and Cuban songs such as La bruja (Public Domain), Tú no sabe inglé with text by N. Guillén and music by O. Marín, Lágrimas Negras by M. Matamoros with arrangement by C. Monier and Manisero by M. Simons with arrangement by J. A. Martinez.

The UDLAP Chamber Choir’s student members are Isabel Merino Rodríguez, Carmen Xareni Gónzalez Gomez Llanos, Jazmín Rodríguez Guillén, Aranza Islas Bouchain, Acsa Bat Bereshit Cupido Preisser, Adriana Méndez de la Rosa, Alejandra Morales Camilli, Diana Carolina Solis Olivares, Iliana Oliva Fuentes Ordaz, José Juan Marzal Fernández, César Rojas Carreón, Miguel Alberto Guzmán Moreno, Tavaris Taylor, Isaac Muñoz Andrade, and Ricardo Adrián Ramos Avendaño,all under the direction of Gisela Crespo.

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