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UDLAP Students Get Certification as High Efficiency Asphaltic Mix Designers

José Antonio Romero Gil and Andrea de Ita Quiroz, both Civil Engineering students at Universidad de las Americas Puebla, obtained their certification as Designers of High Efficiency Asphalt Mix Level I and II, granted by the Mexican Asphalt Association, AC (AMAAC).

“This is a professional certification by AMAAC, which calls on students and people interested in participating in roadworks and highway infrastructure design”, explained Andrea de Ita, who also commented that they participated at the invitation of Dr. Rosemberg Reyes Ramírez, professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UDLAP: “He told us about it and helped us prepare for the certification.”

José Antonio Romero commented that attendance at the certification was numerous, and  that they “were excited to participate with many students, asphalt lab personnel, and design companies.  The result we obtained was favorable.”

About the certification process, the UDLAP students explained that they took a preparation course followed by an exam, through which they obtained the certification: “In the exam they asked about all the tests and specifications that must be carried out.  Also, all participants had to propose an asphalt design of a resistant asphaltic mix based on the characteristics of an area.”


Finally, the students who were certified by the Mexican Asphalt Association agreed that they feel satisfied with this achievement: “We were very sure when we took the exam, since UDLAP has very good labs where we learn the basics about manufacturing asphalt.  Also, the topics studied in the Pavements course are very similar to those of the certification”, expressed Andrea de Ita.

It is important to mention that this two-year certificate represents a competitive advantage for them, since it certifies that they understand the topic and can be responsible for this type of work. “This certification guarantees that you are trained to create high performance asphalt and that you know the techniques and guidelines to make good-performance and top-quality designs”, stressed José Antonio Romero Gil.