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UDLAP Students Participate in Congress Held at Harvard University

Four Universidad de las Américas Puebla students were guests at The Mexico Conference, held at Harvard University, in which economists and politicians discussed these two topics as well as security, immigration, and perspectives of the new Mexican government.

Diego Mendoza Martínez, Mariano Roberto Alcalá Molina, José Francisco Juárez Gutiérrez Sola, and Edgar García González attended this congress whose mission is to offer Mexican students living in Boston a new perspective about Mexico and its current political status. “We contacted the Association of Mexican Students at Harvard University to attend the event, which dealt with current topics addressed by experienced people who provide a comprehensive vision of what is happening,” explained the Economics student Diego Mendoza.

During two days, the second-year students attended lectures given by politicians, governors, members of Banco de México and Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica, and immigration support and cultural organizations, who discussed economic policy, the perspectives of the new president, security, commerce, and the Mexican artists who are conquering the world. “Personally, I liked the debate held between Javier Corral, Yeidckol Polevnsky, and Jesus Silva Herzog, because they talked about what to expect from this new government.  They helped me see the good, the bad, and that which needs work,” said Edgar García, a Banking and Investment student.

As well as taking advantage of the congress for their professional future, the UDLAP students had the opportunity to talk to other Mexican students living in the United States, the speakers, and people who work at Bank of America. “What I liked was the degree of expertise and excellence, both academic and professional, that each presenter had.  It helps us to think critically, questioning what is happening in our country and where we want to go”, said Francisco Juárez, a Banking and Investment student.

The Mexico Conference was held at Harvard University, as an initiative of Mexican students who are concerned about raising awareness in other students about what is currently happening in Mexico with a view from outside their country. They are trying to change paradigms towards Mexican politics in young people, removing stereotypes, and striving to change ideologies, as they are the ones who will govern and live here. For this reason, it is very important that the correct people instill the correct values to create a better nation. It is important to mention that not only UDLAP students participated. Giovanni Amador Olvera, an UDLAP Economics graduate was involved in the organization of the event.

“This experience can be separated in two: it is inspiring to see Mexican students who have excelled in order to study at these universities, as many of them do not have enough resources.  It also raises awareness that we are who will create change in a few years and it helps us to train ethically, with values,” stated Banking and Investment student Roberto Alcalá.