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UDLAP Student Was a Summer Intern at University of Arizona

César Leonardo García Contreras, seventh semester student of Biomedical Engineering at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, was a summer intern at University of Arizona as part of his professional practices, collaborating in a project with Dr. Rebecca Vanderpool about the heart’s right ventricle, studying arterial pulmonary hypertension.

Committed to his future and looking to develop a biomedical engineering project that he was interested in, he met with Rebeca Vanderpool who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, at University of Arizona. She is currently working on studying the heart’s right ventricle to analyze arterial pulmonary hypertension.

As part of the work team, Cesar’s activities were focused on quantifying the data that she had obtained in the application of a treatment for this ailment. “I analyzed data from patients before they received treatment and after 3 months of treatment to compare and evaluate if it had worked for this disease,” the UDLAP student commented during an interview.

During his summer stay, Cesar had the opportunity to work in Dr. Vanderpool’s lab and he lived the experience of interacting and learning in a completely different environment. “It is very hard work, fast but organized and intelligent. It was something that gave me much personal and professional growth. I learned a lot from everything I was working on, the programs I used, the papers I read, which I can apply in my last year at college and for after I graduate,” he explained.

Regarding his stay at University of Arizona, the student said that it was a very good experience because of the relationship that this place has with young students like him who carry out research and work in labs. On the other hand, he said: “This summer was very productive for me because the program also offers extras such as speaking in public and writing in English. This helped me to develop professionally in an international environment.”

When he was finishing his stay, César García participated in a congress with people from Saudi Arabia and several Mexican universities. “Each one presented what they had been working on, what we did, the results, hypotheses, among other things.  Besides this presentation, there was also a poster fair attended by about 250 students from different programs at the same university and others in the United States and abroad”, he said.

Finally, the seventh semester student expressed for the UDLAP community the importance of these stays. “You have to leave, learn new things, and face different situations. There are many options, but you have to look for them and take advantage of them.”