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UDLAP Alumnus is Awarded a Scholarship to Study in the United Kingdom

Martín Quiroga Mora, a graduate from the Licenciatura in Architecture at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship, given by the Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom to study a master’s program in England in the 2019-2020 school term.

“The Chevening Scholarship is one of the most prestigious in the world. The United Kingdom grants it to different countries with which it has diplomatic ties. Its objective is to back leading professionals and offer them an opportunity to develop strategies, ideas, and plans for collaboration between both countries – in this case with Mexico — as well as for their professional advancement,” stated Mr. Quiroga during an interview.

The 2011 Magna Cum Laude UDLAP graduate received this prestigious award along with 52 other young leaders from the country. The scholarship was established 36 years ago and has among its graduates several important world leaders. It is worth mentioning that, to be chosen, candidates must meet the basic requirements of the call and compete later with other candidates, which this year amounted to 1,500. Therefore, winning this scholarship was not easy, and it is due to the previous work done by Mr. Quiroga that he was selected among them.

Since graduating from the Licenciatura in Architecture, he has sought to collaborate in projects that would impact on his professional career: the Atoyac river walkway, the Forts Master Plan, the linear park and bike path of the Sabinal River, which obtained first place with his collaborator, architect Carlos Ruiz Tapia, in a contest organized by the Urban Development and Housing Department and the Department of Rescue of Public Spaces, in coordination with the Architecture Festival and MEXTRÓPOLI City, as well as the Forjadores Street project that goes from San Pedro Cholula to Puebla, to mention a few.

Without a doubt, Universidad de las Américas Puebla was his learning platform, thanks to the Architecture Department faculty, as he stated in an interview: “This allowed me to see at different scales, which of course is the topic I am taking to the United Kingdom.” Also, thanks to networking between students and professors at UDLAP, Martín could “develop different projects of architectural and social impact in the area.”

Finally, the UDLAP alumnus stated: “Obtaining this scholarship means an opportunity to find a strategy so that architecture can help develop the region and the city, since we know that a lot of problems of a social and economic nature have to do with how space is used. It is important to reach the point which, based on theory and experiment, we can develop architectures that not only permeate in space but also in public policy.”