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UDLAP is the Second Most Productive e-government Research Institution in Latin America

  • A study published in the Government Information Quarterly also places UDLAP in its list of institutions with the most productive researchers.

According to an article published in the Government Information Quarterly, Universidad de las Américas Puebla is the second most productive institution conducting e-government research in Latin America. Likewise, the same publication notes that UDLAP’s researchers Sergio Picazo Vela, Luis Felipe Luna Reyes, Ramón Gil García, and Dolores Luna Reyes are in their list of most productive researchers.

“In July, 2019, the journal Government Information Quarterly, a renowned publication in government electronic research, published an article that analyzed 15 years of research in this medium in Latin America. An interesting result of this same article places professors of the UDLAP’s School of Business and Economics among the 20 most productive authors of digital government research in Latin America, and UDLAP as the second most productive institution in electronic government research,” informed during an interview Dr. Picazo, who also noted that the university is just nine articles short of those of the institution that placed first.

Dr. Sergio Picazo explained that to make this analysis, the Quarterly gathered information of all publications mentioning e-government in Scopus, a database of quality research journals that includes articles, book chapters, books, memoirs, and more. Scopus found many such publications, grouping them by institutions and researchers to count them and identify the most productive institutions and researchers. “It’s worth pointing that, by groups, UDLAP was also the most productive, with 59 documents and 752 quotations,” said Dean Picazo.

As for the research topics, the academic said they include citizens’ participation through digital media, government transparency, and government accountability, all of them well researched throughout Latin America in general and analyzed also by UDLAP’s group investigators.

Finally, Dr. Picazo said that the publication of this research by Government Information Quarterly “brings the university big benefits such as recognition of the work done by its faculty and the institution’s support for this type of work, resulting in a wider knowledge of the university and allowing international researchers to be aware of UDLAP’s quality investigations.