UDLAP Students are Awarded the Erasmus Scholarship

  • Luis Enrique Moreda Rovirosa and Samia Rojas went to Bergen University in Norway for an academic exchange.

Luis Enrique Moreda and Samia Rojas, students at Universidad de las Américas Puebla were awarded a scholarship for an academic stay at the University of Bergen in Norway by the Erasmus program (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students).

“This scholarship is an opportunity for students that are not part of the European Union to participate in an academic exchange program. In our case we went last semester to the University of Bergen in Norway”, said Luis Enrique Moreda, a seventh-semester student of Architecture at UDLAP. Likewise, he said that to obtain the scholarship they had to meet certain requirements, which include having a GPA of at least 8.5, have a level 2 on the TOEFL, and have a high academic performance.

Finally, he explained that the scholarship included “a regular exchange for a semester at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Bergen. We also took advantage of our stay to carry out other activities, such as hiking, taking part in student groups and, in my case, I was able to work at an architecture firm where I could apply what I have learned at UDLAP,” stated Luis Enrique.

For her part, Samia Rojas, seventh-semester student of Design of Visual Information at UDLAP, commented that, “thanks to this scholarship I acquired new knowledge and experience. For example, joining a volunteer group and showing what I have learned at UDLAP, especially in photography, because I was able to work in the university newspaper taking photos.”

Finally, both students agreed in saying that earning the Erasmus scholarship afforded new knowledge and a wonderful experience for both because they experienced a cultural exchange of languages and traditions. “It also let us see the good of each country, what they have in common, and what you can improve and contribute,” stated Samia Rojas.

It is important to mention that the Erasmus program is an important and successful student initiative, promoted by European institutions for countries that are not part of the European Union, to benefit students from other countries. Its objective is to foster cooperation for student mobility between institutions so the educational and cultural relationship of both countries be strengthened.

UDLAP Alumnus is Awarded a Scholarship to Study in the United Kingdom

Martín Quiroga Mora, a graduate from the Licenciatura in Architecture at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship, given by the Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom to study a master’s program in England in the 2019-2020 school term.

“The Chevening Scholarship is one of the most prestigious in the world. The United Kingdom grants it to different countries with which it has diplomatic ties. Its objective is to back leading professionals and offer them an opportunity to develop strategies, ideas, and plans for collaboration between both countries – in this case with Mexico — as well as for their professional advancement,” stated Mr. Quiroga during an interview.

The 2011 Magna Cum Laude UDLAP graduate received this prestigious award along with 52 other young leaders from the country. The scholarship was established 36 years ago and has among its graduates several important world leaders. It is worth mentioning that, to be chosen, candidates must meet the basic requirements of the call and compete later with other candidates, which this year amounted to 1,500. Therefore, winning this scholarship was not easy, and it is due to the previous work done by Mr. Quiroga that he was selected among them.

Since graduating from the Licenciatura in Architecture, he has sought to collaborate in projects that would impact on his professional career: the Atoyac river walkway, the Forts Master Plan, the linear park and bike path of the Sabinal River, which obtained first place with his collaborator, architect Carlos Ruiz Tapia, in a contest organized by the Urban Development and Housing Department and the Department of Rescue of Public Spaces, in coordination with the Architecture Festival and MEXTRÓPOLI City, as well as the Forjadores Street project that goes from San Pedro Cholula to Puebla, to mention a few.

Without a doubt, Universidad de las Américas Puebla was his learning platform, thanks to the Architecture Department faculty, as he stated in an interview: “This allowed me to see at different scales, which of course is the topic I am taking to the United Kingdom.” Also, thanks to networking between students and professors at UDLAP, Martín could “develop different projects of architectural and social impact in the area.”

Finally, the UDLAP alumnus stated: “Obtaining this scholarship means an opportunity to find a strategy so that architecture can help develop the region and the city, since we know that a lot of problems of a social and economic nature have to do with how space is used. It is important to reach the point which, based on theory and experiment, we can develop architectures that not only permeate in space but also in public policy.”

UDLAP Student Was a Summer Intern at University of Arizona

César Leonardo García Contreras, seventh semester student of Biomedical Engineering at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, was a summer intern at University of Arizona as part of his professional practices, collaborating in a project with Dr. Rebecca Vanderpool about the heart’s right ventricle, studying arterial pulmonary hypertension.

Committed to his future and looking to develop a biomedical engineering project that he was interested in, he met with Rebeca Vanderpool who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, at University of Arizona. She is currently working on studying the heart’s right ventricle to analyze arterial pulmonary hypertension.

As part of the work team, Cesar’s activities were focused on quantifying the data that she had obtained in the application of a treatment for this ailment. “I analyzed data from patients before they received treatment and after 3 months of treatment to compare and evaluate if it had worked for this disease,” the UDLAP student commented during an interview.

During his summer stay, Cesar had the opportunity to work in Dr. Vanderpool’s lab and he lived the experience of interacting and learning in a completely different environment. “It is very hard work, fast but organized and intelligent. It was something that gave me much personal and professional growth. I learned a lot from everything I was working on, the programs I used, the papers I read, which I can apply in my last year at college and for after I graduate,” he explained.

Regarding his stay at University of Arizona, the student said that it was a very good experience because of the relationship that this place has with young students like him who carry out research and work in labs. On the other hand, he said: “This summer was very productive for me because the program also offers extras such as speaking in public and writing in English. This helped me to develop professionally in an international environment.”

When he was finishing his stay, César García participated in a congress with people from Saudi Arabia and several Mexican universities. “Each one presented what they had been working on, what we did, the results, hypotheses, among other things.  Besides this presentation, there was also a poster fair attended by about 250 students from different programs at the same university and others in the United States and abroad”, he said.

Finally, the seventh semester student expressed for the UDLAP community the importance of these stays. “You have to leave, learn new things, and face different situations. There are many options, but you have to look for them and take advantage of them.”

UDLAP Students Obtain First Place at Congress in London

  • At the 28th Edition of World Congress on Nursing Education & Research three research projects were presented.

Rosario Guadalupe Ramírez Machorro and María del Rosario Ramírez Machorro, sixth-semester students of the Licenciatura in Nursing at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, participated in the 28th Edition of the World Congress on Nursing Education & Research, held in London. They presented three research projects related to nursing, and one of them obtained first place.


“At this congress, representatives from several countries participated to discover advances in health practices, management, and education.  Doctors, nurses, health professionals, professors, and students participated,” explained the UDLAP student Rosario Guadalupe during an interview. She also commented that the countries that were represented in this congress were Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, New Zealand, and “us, as the only Mexican representatives.”


Likewise, she mentioned that to participate in this congress they had to meet certain requirements: 1) Be university students; 2) The research presented had to be their own, under the supervision of an academic director, who in this case were Dr. Corina Mariela Alba and professor María de las Mercedes Nuri Reyes; and 3) Send an abstract of the research in November. They were accepted to attend the congress in January.


Regarding the research project that won first place at the 28th Edition of World Congress on Nursing Education & Research, María del Rosario said that it´s entitled A Group of Common Interest. A new teaching method. “This research comprised a meeting of a group of students whose interest was based on a specific nursing topic, either a scientific article or a poster. We thoroughly discussed it under the supervision of two UDLAP faculty members who also led, improved, and moderated the information,” explained María del Rosario, who also stressed that the reason this research won first place at the congress was because it raised the question among the participants about how students attended these sessions voluntarily.


Finally, both UDLAP students said they are proud to have participated in this congress, mainly because they won first place with one of their posters and because they were the youngest participants at the event. “The other people who attended had master’s or doctoral degrees,” mentioned Rosario Guadalupe.

UDLAP Student Does Social Service at the Mexican Consulate in New York

Miguel Ángel Pérez Méndez, eighth semester student in the Licenciatura in Nursing, is currently doing social service, from March 1, 2019 to March 2, 2020, at the health counter of the Mexican Consulate in New York. “I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity, because I am the first Mexican nursing student to comply with his social service at this consulate”.

In an interview, the UDLAP student said that his interest in doing his social service requirement in a foreign country is due to his awareness of the difficulties and limitations that immigrants face when living in another country, regarding health topics. “With this initiative, I visited and talked with the health counter coordinator and proposed this project, which she liked.  Once I had that acceptance, I started all the paperwork in Mexico and at the university, and in October, 2018 an agreement was signed with the Secretary of Foreign Relations, which included the Nursing and Medical Surgeon majors to carry out their social service abroad, and thus help Mexicans who live abroad,” said Miguel Angel Pérez.

Then, he added that his social service is helping people who recur to the health counters, which is a program that was established by the Mexican Government in 2002, through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad and the Health Secretary, in order to provide health services to Spanish-speakers living in the United States, and to create a culture of prevention, education, and participation in improving the quality of their lives.

Regarding his activities, Miguel Ángel Pérez said that he works in different associations, community organizations, and clinics to educate and promote a culture of disease prevention, touching on subjects such as vaccines, diet, substance abuse, family violence, AIDS, TB, and all preventable diseases.

He ended the interview saying that health is a human right that needs to be emphasized: “Everything that we can do to improve the quality of life of people is good; I would like my classmates to continue with this project and promote wellbeing in people.”

UDLAP Students Participate in Congress Held at Harvard University

Four Universidad de las Américas Puebla students were guests at The Mexico Conference, held at Harvard University, in which economists and politicians discussed these two topics as well as security, immigration, and perspectives of the new Mexican government.

Diego Mendoza Martínez, Mariano Roberto Alcalá Molina, José Francisco Juárez Gutiérrez Sola, and Edgar García González attended this congress whose mission is to offer Mexican students living in Boston a new perspective about Mexico and its current political status. “We contacted the Association of Mexican Students at Harvard University to attend the event, which dealt with current topics addressed by experienced people who provide a comprehensive vision of what is happening,” explained the Economics student Diego Mendoza.

During two days, the second-year students attended lectures given by politicians, governors, members of Banco de México and Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica, and immigration support and cultural organizations, who discussed economic policy, the perspectives of the new president, security, commerce, and the Mexican artists who are conquering the world. “Personally, I liked the debate held between Javier Corral, Yeidckol Polevnsky, and Jesus Silva Herzog, because they talked about what to expect from this new government.  They helped me see the good, the bad, and that which needs work,” said Edgar García, a Banking and Investment student.

As well as taking advantage of the congress for their professional future, the UDLAP students had the opportunity to talk to other Mexican students living in the United States, the speakers, and people who work at Bank of America. “What I liked was the degree of expertise and excellence, both academic and professional, that each presenter had.  It helps us to think critically, questioning what is happening in our country and where we want to go”, said Francisco Juárez, a Banking and Investment student.

The Mexico Conference was held at Harvard University, as an initiative of Mexican students who are concerned about raising awareness in other students about what is currently happening in Mexico with a view from outside their country. They are trying to change paradigms towards Mexican politics in young people, removing stereotypes, and striving to change ideologies, as they are the ones who will govern and live here. For this reason, it is very important that the correct people instill the correct values to create a better nation. It is important to mention that not only UDLAP students participated. Giovanni Amador Olvera, an UDLAP Economics graduate was involved in the organization of the event.

“This experience can be separated in two: it is inspiring to see Mexican students who have excelled in order to study at these universities, as many of them do not have enough resources.  It also raises awareness that we are who will create change in a few years and it helps us to train ethically, with values,” stated Banking and Investment student Roberto Alcalá.

UDLAP Students Get Certification as High Efficiency Asphaltic Mix Designers

José Antonio Romero Gil and Andrea de Ita Quiroz, both Civil Engineering students at Universidad de las Americas Puebla, obtained their certification as Designers of High Efficiency Asphalt Mix Level I and II, granted by the Mexican Asphalt Association, AC (AMAAC).

“This is a professional certification by AMAAC, which calls on students and people interested in participating in roadworks and highway infrastructure design”, explained Andrea de Ita, who also commented that they participated at the invitation of Dr. Rosemberg Reyes Ramírez, professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UDLAP: “He told us about it and helped us prepare for the certification.”

José Antonio Romero commented that attendance at the certification was numerous, and  that they “were excited to participate with many students, asphalt lab personnel, and design companies.  The result we obtained was favorable.”

About the certification process, the UDLAP students explained that they took a preparation course followed by an exam, through which they obtained the certification: “In the exam they asked about all the tests and specifications that must be carried out.  Also, all participants had to propose an asphalt design of a resistant asphaltic mix based on the characteristics of an area.”


Finally, the students who were certified by the Mexican Asphalt Association agreed that they feel satisfied with this achievement: “We were very sure when we took the exam, since UDLAP has very good labs where we learn the basics about manufacturing asphalt.  Also, the topics studied in the Pavements course are very similar to those of the certification”, expressed Andrea de Ita.

It is important to mention that this two-year certificate represents a competitive advantage for them, since it certifies that they understand the topic and can be responsible for this type of work. “This certification guarantees that you are trained to create high performance asphalt and that you know the techniques and guidelines to make good-performance and top-quality designs”, stressed José Antonio Romero Gil.

UDLAP Celebrates its 74th Graduation Ceremony

With seven thousand attendees, Universidad de las Américas Puebla held its 74th Graduation Ceremony, in which 1,496 proud graduates received their licenciatura and graduate diplomas, recognizing that they successfully finished their studies in one of the five academic schools that are part of UDLAP.

In the company of their friends and family, the 2018 graduates heard the president, Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista, congratulate and thank them for the trust placed in the university to prepare them for their professional careers. “Welcome to the seventy-fourth Graduation Ceremony at Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Like every year, I start this message congratulating the families who are with us: this is a day of great joy for all of you, a day in which we jointly celebrate the graduates for obtaining their academic degrees and to whom I wish that this day may be the beginning of a road full of success and satisfaction”.  Dr. Derbez added that this ceremony symbolizes the end of the transformation of each graduate into prepared citizens to carry Mexico and the world towards a better future.

He finished his statement emphasizing that today it is necessary for citizens to understand that they must defend principles such as the balance between the branches of government, the separation of powers, and equality before the law as indispensable values, if we want to guarantee that Mexico has  equilibrium between liberty and equality for all people. “I have no doubt that you will successfully respond to this challenge and that, as of today, your everyday activities will shape a Mexico that will not only be a successful country, but also one in which plurality, tolerance, transparency, social justice, and democracy will prevail. I wish you a long and prosperous life and may happiness accompany you always”, affirmed UDLAP’s president.

Eduardo Ruiz-Healy, proud alumnus of Universidad de las Américas Puebla, delivered the commencement address to the UDLAP class of 2018,  and encouraged the graduates to trust their instincts to achieve success. “If there is one defect of formal education it’s that it kills the instincts. Trust your instincts and become fully aware that you will not take anything with you.  That day you will no longer be afraid of losing it all”, stated Ruiz-Healy.  He finished his speech with a list of recommendations: “Do whatever you enjoy and makes you passionate; learn to look for jobs – there are no unworthy or boring jobs; do not work for money, work for pleasure; enjoy what you have, set achievable objectives, fight against your demons and addictions, accept your failures and tragedies, be humble and seek love so you can love and be loved”.

During the 74th Graduation Ceremony, Universidad de las Américas Puebla recognized the academic merit and outstanding achievements of its graduates.  Cum Laude awards were bestowed on students who have a GPA above 9.7, Summa Cum Laude for graduates with a GPA of 9.9 or above, and the Medal for the Highest GPA for students from undergraduate schools and graduate studies who obtained the best GPA of their class. This honor was given to Eduardo Camarillo Abad from the School of Science, Adolfo Sánchez Monterrosas from the School of Business and Economics, Graciela Isabel Huerta Bedolla from the School of Social Sciences, Jessica Tecpanecatl Durán from the School of Engineering, Alejandro Iván Flores Chávez from the School of Arts and Humanities, and María Teresa Graciana Aguilar Nava from the Master in Organizational Psychology.

The most emotional moment of the ceremony came when balloons and confetti flooded the stage and stands, which was followed by hugs, photographs, and finally the meeting of graduates with their families.

It is worth mentioning that Universidad de las Américas Puebla graduated the Class of 2018 convinced that it is made up of well-educated citizens who are committed to society and able to work for a better Mexico and world.  This is the result of their potential and UDLAP´s academic excellence, as well as the projection and leadership that its students and alumni achieve.