UDLAP Graduate is a Telemundo Reporter in Washington

  • Before his selection as reporter in the United States, the UDLAP graduate Javier Vega collaborated with different networks in Mexico and Venezuela.

Javier Vega Urreta, UDLAP´s graduate of the Licenciatura in Communications who for the past ten years has been a journalist, was selected by NBC Universal as a reporter for Telemundo in Washington D.C.

“I am very honored to be offered the position of NBC´s news correspondent in Washington DC.  As we know, it is the political capital of the world and at this moment a central place to cover the news for agencies in the hemisphere. To be able to experience it firsthand and in the front row, as we journalists say, is something that motivates me, challenges me, and definitely will mark me,” commented the UDLAP graduate.

Javier Vega Urreta always had the personal aspiration to work in the US Hispanic media since, as he commented in the interview, its relevance in carrying out quality journalism consists in “giving the news in your language to a population group that is increasingly important.” He added that, regarding this new phase, it is a monumental challenge in his career as a journalist.

“This means starting from zero in a city that is very diverse and competitive. My challenge is also to establish relationships and links with information sources in English. I am interested in giving the immigrant public in the United States quality information that is well-researched and with context, especially in the complicated times and political circumstances they are experiencing.  I think they deserve quality information.  I hope to provide the best service as a journalist in Washington” he said.

This will not be the first time that the UDLAP graduate collaborates with news media outside of Mexico.  He had the opportunity to work with TeleSur in Caracas, Venezuela, as an editor of the “Impacto Económico” news segment, as host of the weekly interview show “Cruce de Palabras”, and as main anchor of the morning show “El Mundo Hoy”.

“It is very interesting to venture to work outside your country, as it implies a lot of complications – leaving behind certain conveniences, your comfort zone, your family and your friends.  But when you are a young professional, it is important to accept these opportunities and widen your perspective of the world”, he commented.

In his first job outside of Mexico, in Venezuela, he covered the last years of Hugo Chávez’s presidency, his last election against Capriles, as well as the historic news of his illness and death.  At the same time, as a TeleSur newscaster, he also covered the resignation of Benedict XVI. “These news stories define you,” he mentioned.

However, the journalistic career of Javier Vega started at UDLAP, since from day one of his licenciatura studies he practiced journalism, both in the social communications area where he was an intern and collaborating with the university newspaper La Catarina, which he considers was a great school for developing talent.

“At UDLAP is where I was truly endowed with values, ethics, and idealism, which I believe one must have to be a good journalist and to be at the level of what is required by society today. We need to improve our country and the conditions of hundreds of thousands of people, but that requires an ever more professional journalism” he expressed.

“I would like to continue working in international media, continue growing in Telemundo, which is a great company that fosters talent, its journalists.  The number one objective at this time is to make my employer happy with my work and that the audience feels connected.  I think that everything I have done has contributed to placing me in the right place and, just as I was in Venezuela during the Chavez era, I am now in Washington during the Trump era. That, without a doubt, will be fundamental for whatever the future holds” he finished.